Our most popular film for homes.  The two left panes are tinted, the right two are not tinted yet.  Blocking over 60% of TOTAL HEAT and over 99% of all UV rays.

Question: Do I need to tint my home?  Answer: We live in Texas. (Yes)


..first the short answer

It will make your home cooler, safer, more energy efficient, reduce eye strain, block UV rays, prevent fading of your flooring, furnishings and art, reduce the load on your a/c units, enhance the look of your home, and it will pay for itself.

For the nerds like us, a more elaborate explanation…

HEAT/ Energy Savings

How to properly attack a heat, or energy usage issue:  There are many reasons that you should tint your home.  The major reason here in Texas is of course heat.  But there’s more to it than that.  We don’t just tint windows that are facing directly west.  We want to look at the entire footprint of the house as one unit.  FOR HEAT REDUCTION, AND ENERGY SAVINGS, IT IS IMPORTANT THAT WE  ENVELOPE THE ENTIRE BUILDING TO GET MAXIMUM RESULTS.  Windows are the #1 source of energy lost in ANY TYPE OF BUILDING, even if they are Low-E.  We have three types of clients who tint their homes for heat.  One type of client has extreme cases where west facing rooms are so hot they cannot be used for half the day.  Some clients don’t have hot spots, but their a/c runs non stop to keep up.  And some of our clients have no immediate need from hot spots or overworked a/c units.  But ALL THREE clients choose heat rejection window film for good reasons.  Some consumers think that if their home feels comfortable then they can’t benefit from window film.  Some think that tinting east, south, and north facing windows is pointless.  I’m here to tell you that is a common belief, but it’s wrong.  Window tinting can be applied safely and increase performance of low-e, dual pane, or clear single pane glass.  In a nutshell, it acts as a heat reflector, and a window insulator.  It keeps heat out, and keeps cold air from the a/c in.   It also helps year round by still insulating your windows in the winter.  So do you want to increase the energy efficiency of just the west side where you are getting attacked by the sun?  Did you only insulate the walls on the west side?  We suggest that for maximum results, you consider doing the whole house.  We do a lot of work with architects, contractors, and building engineers.  When we bid large skyscrapers, and office buildings, tinting just the west side is not even an option.  They tint the whole thing.  Your home is on a much smaller scale, but the ratio of change is the same.


Glare is a descriptive word that just means bright light.  Many homeowners are dealing with areas of the home that allow for very harsh light.  The view that sold you on that hilltop home is now blinding you and bleaching out your furniture.  We can help with this and our films range from clear to dark.  We can find you a film that will fix the extreme glare while still keeping a natural open feel.  Our most popular films for home and office block anywhere between 40% and 60% of glare.  Even with that big of a reduction in glare (light) we are not going to leave you with “dark” windows.  Look at our photo gallery, go look at our commercial jobs in person.  They don’t look blacked-out or un-natural.  They look clean, crisp, and the view out is pleasant, not blinding and obnoxious.  Also a really great side effect of blocking glare… the view outward becomes more crisp.  That’s why we call it “hi-def” film, because the clarity with and without is sort of like comparing standard def TV to hi-def TV.  Eliminating the UV and the harshest spectrum of the visible light takes the strain off of your eyes.


(Home in the Dominion, actual fading over a 7 year time frame)

Fading is a fact of life.  But sunlight and UV accelerate the process.  The more sun exposure, the more drastic the fading.  We’ve seen wood floors bleached out, art faded, and furniture ruined in as little as 6 months.  We can give you hope and eliminate 99.9% of all UV rays (the major cause of fading).  UV isn’t good for our eyes or our skin either.  Let us protect you and your home.  *Pictured above* – This homeowner wanted tinting to protect his wood floors.  He was showing me how bleached out the floors looked after 7 years w no tint.  This is a formal dining room off of an atrium, and was by no means getting “maximum” sun exposure.


Heat rejection window films will help keep your glass together in the event of breakage.  Breakage can occur from an accident or natural disaster (or unnatural lol).  The film will help to hold the pieces together improving the safety of the occupants.  In window film conferences over the years, I’ve been told time and time again: “shattered glass is the leading cause of death and injury in any natural disaster”.  We also provide actual “safety film” which is used for anti-theft, anti-graffiti, all the way up to bomb blast mitigation.


(Example of streamlined appearance after tint is installed)

Any shade you choose (other than the clear heat rejection films) even the light and medium shades will give a clean, cohesive appearance to your windows from the exterior.  Makes things look uniform and classy.  The clear films are designed to look clear, so obviously there is no change in exterior appearance.


We CAN REDUCE YOUR ELECTRIC BILL/ ENERGY USAGE.  But, every house, every a/c unit, every neighborhood, elevation, and window brand is different.  No company can guarantee you exact reductions in your electric usage.  Having said that… in extreme cases we have reduced electric usages over 60%.  Average electric savings FROM OUR CUSTOMERS ring in around 30%.  This is given they choose the films we suggest, and tint the entire structure, not just the west side.  If you want to take a significant chunk out of your elec bill by tinting windows, you have to do the whole enchilada.


You don’t have to “limo-tint” your home for privacy.  We can increase privacy with light or medium shade films as well.  Having us come look at the windows you want privacy on is crucial to us suggesting an appropriate film.  *Please note that at night shades or blinds are needed for privacy.  Window film will not provide nighttime privacy once lights come on from inside the home/ building.


Our manufacturer gives the original purchaser a limited lifetime warranty on their window film, when applied by an authorized dealer (us, Niche Custom Tinting).  This warranty means in a nutshell that if the film fails to do what it says, or degrades over time… you’re covered!  We do like to brag though… installing the same films since 2006 and have yet to have one warranty claim.  Call us for a free estimate San Antonio 210-317-0353, Austin 512-662-1474.



WE ARE NOT a car tint and speaker shop who occasionally does tinting on buildings.  We are a commercial and residential window film and blind company.  This is all we do.


  • 100% focus on architectural applications
  • Expertise about our products and our installs
  • Expertise about commercial and residential windows/ frames/ seals
  • Skilled at handling large ladders in delicate spaces
  • Able to tint and access places other companies can’t or wont
  • Sharp, clean installations that speak for themselves
  • Articulate, educated sales people AND installers
  • 15 years experience removing other brands of tint and installing ours
  • Understanding etiquette when working around your family, customers, or employees
  • Have undergone several extensive background checks for government work
  • Worked in several “high security facilities”